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Elevate your horse's performance to their peak potential by diving into our signature performance development system where we ensure correct activation of the proper riding muscles and a well balanced nervous system. 

Whether you are actively competing or looking to get back into the show ring, we will help pinpoint development gaps and fine-tune your horse's abilities to help you break through to the next level of excellence in your competitive partnership.


Our training goes beyond refining contact or addressing bit evasion; it's about cultivating deeper emotional and physical connections between you and your horse. We adapt our methods to accommodate various tools and disciplines to help foster your bond and build a strong foundation.


A sanctuary for the horse. Whether you have exhausted all avenues with undiagnosed/unsolvable lameness or you simply want to give your equine friend a well earned rest in between show seasons, our rehabilitation program focuses on addressing emotional, physical, and mental fatigue. 

With our holistic approach and substantial team of  collaborative equine professionals, we ensure the  individual prioritization of each horses unique needs.


You understand the value of a long-term vision for your horse's development, and you want something more than the usual quick-fix 30 day program....

You want support in developing a partner for life.

At Lazaris Sport Horses, we provide dedicated care tailored to each horse's unique journey. Our commitment starts at a minimum of 3 months, ensuring ample time for comprehensive, individualize training.



Every horse in our training program begins in a 5 days/week full training program or 7 days/week rehabilitation program priced at $3,000 monthly for training and $4,000 monthly for rehabilitation,

The first month is dedicated to full-time intensive training or rehabilitation sessions. Beyond this period, our approach adapts to the horse's needs, potentially scaling down to 2-3 sessions per week with consideration of what supports the horse as well as the owner's budget.

Our program can be adapted for a focus on performance, connection, rehabilitation, or a combination of all. Emotional regulation and support of a healthy nervous system are at the heart of each and every individualized program.

Owners receive a training journal with photos and videos documenting the horse's progress. 

Showing in competitions or clinics may be arranged based on trainers availability. 

Monthly investment includes feed and board, and administration of owner provided supplements and medications.

To be accepted into our training program, horses must meet the following requirements:
Proof of vaccinations and health certification
Up to date medical, dental and hoof care
Horses must be started and have basic gr
ound manners*
Horses cannot be exhibiting dangerous behaviors to be admitted to the performance training program (exceptions may made for our rehabilitation program)
Horses must be sound unless enrolling specifically in rehabilitation 


*For support starting young horses, please contact us for our recommendations of affiliated trainers and approved colt starters.


Sales Horses

We operate under a unique ethos of transparency, excellence, and unwavering commitment to both horse and buyer.

Every sales horse undergoes an extensive evaluation and training regimen to become proficient in the BTMM pillars. 

We guarantee a clean bill of health as well as structural, mental and emotional soundness.

We prioritize understanding the horse's personality to align with potential buyers, and place them only in homes that are compatible with the seller's values.

Every sale includes the training journal with records of the horse's progress as well as three comprehensive lessons for the new buyer or their trainer, ensuring a smooth transition and continued success.

Our program caters to discerning buyers seeking not just high quality horses, but exceptional equine partners.

Contact us for information on our availability and commission structure.

Events & Lessons

Our clinics and lessons are tailored to both individual growth and collective learning for horse and rider. Beyond mere skill development, our focus centers on nurturing a harmonious connection and promoting healthy movement. Each session is personalized to address specific needs, fostering holistic growth and a profound synergy between horse and rider.


Individual Sessions

One-Time Evaluation - $500: Our comprehensive evaluation includes nerve release techniques, in-hand work, and prescribed exercises tailored for your horse's well-being.

Haul-In Lesson Package - $1000 for 4 Sessions: This package offers a thorough initial evaluation of 2 hours, followed by three 1-hour sessions. Perfect for those seeking ongoing improvement.

Upcoming Clinics

BTMM Clinics: Dive into specialized clinics focused on pillar mastery.

Nerve Release Clinics: Explore techniques aimed at addressing suspected nerve compression, and promoting relaxation and well-being for your equine partner.

Clinic Schooling Shows: Engage in a unique clinic setup, simulating a show environment. Receive coaching during 2-3 ride tests and a final ride for independent practice, honing your skills while respecting your horse's needs.

Stay tuned for updates on clinic dates and details!

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