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Welcome to the Ranch

Nestled in the hills of Medford, Oregon, Lazaris Sport Horses is a haven for horses and the people who love them.

We are conveniently located along the I-5 corridor and minutes away from the Rogue Valley International Airport, making transport and travel to the ranch a seamless experience.


Our ranch encompasses five acres with sweeping views of the Rogue Valley. Four gorgeous pastures with shelters provide plenty of space for turnout, and ample stall space allows us to accommodate horses in training as well as overnight boarders during events.

Our facilities include a round pen, lighted outdoor arena and large covered arena, allowing us the opportunity to ride year round.

We provide a high level of care with a focus on fulfilling the horse's species-specific needs.

All horses have 24/7 access to hay and ample movement opportunities.

We collaborate with veterinarians, nutritionists, equine dentists, hoof care professionals, behaviorists, chiropractors and bodywork specialists to ensure every horse in our care is supported as an individual to bring them to their most optimal level of health and wellbeing. 

At Lazaris Sport Horses we employ a whole horse approach with a focus on the nervous system and how it relates to healthy biomechanics, lameness prevention, and relieving suspected nerve compression.

While our program is rooted in our proprietary methodologies - Balance Through Movement Method™ and Lazaris Nerve Release Technique™ -  we are constantly collaborating with other professionals to find the best possible answers for our horses.

Balance Through Movement Method™ is a revolutionary approach to classical training, centered around alleviating and preventing suspected nerve compression and solving undiagnosed lameness and behavior issues.

Our training methodology is specifically designed to simultaneously release the compensatory patterns within the horse while developing the core musculoskeletal system and toning the nervous system.

We achieve this by:

Cultivating a positive relationship to connection both emotionally and to the aids.

Targeting and developing the deep core muscles required for the horse to have self-carriage while in a relaxed mental state.

Supporting and strengthening spinal integrity.

Protecting the body from nerve and vascular compression through correct biomechanics.

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About the Trainer


Owner, Head Trainer & Creator of The Balance Through Movement Method™ and Lazaris Nerve Release Technique™

Celeste Lazaris is a biomechanical lameness specialist, skilled in equine movement and muscle development, and a pioneer for developing the physical body to protect the nervous system.

Her primary focuses are releasing suspected nerve compressions in the horse that cause restrictions and undiagnosed lameness, and teaching owners how to develop their horse's body both in-hand and under saddle, utilizing proper activation to prevent musculoskeletal injury and nerve related problems.

She is highly valued by Veterinarians around the world for her ability to help them utilize a more holistic approach for lasting changes. Due to her background as a professional trainer and competitive rider, she is approachable and excels in teaching both trainers and adult amateurs alike.

Her work is truly revolutionary for equine performance, lameness prevention and helping the horse-human dynamic.

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