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Whether our clients are aiming to enhance performance in the show ring, establish harmonious and joyful connection, or are looking for a last chance at rehabilitation, every horse in training receives specialized attention tailored to their unique needs. We prioritize species-appropriate care and achieve optimum balance and strength through the development of the body and mind.



We ensure every sales horses embodies the complete spectrum of skills across all of the BTMM Pillars and are proficiently versed in both groundwork and under-saddle training. Understanding their unique personalities, we expertly match each horse with discerning clients, ensuring a seamless connection. Horses are not just sold; they're integrated into environments where they thrive.



Engage in immersive 1-on-1 experiences or join our group clinics designed to elevate both horse and rider. Our focus extends beyond just skill development; we prioritize fostering harmonious connection and healthy movement. Each session is tailored to address individual needs, ensuring holistic growth for both partners—cultivating not just technique, but a profound understanding and synergy between horse and rider.



Specializing in performance training and rehabilitation, our approach caters to all horses - from Grand Prix athletes to beloved trail companions - with a unique emphasis on nerve compression relief and prevention.

Regardless of your riding discipline, our focus remains rooted in the body's mechanics, ensuring holistic well-being for your equine partner.

Our program draws on our revolutionary approach to classical training, the Balance Through Movement Method™, addressing not just the physical aspects but the entirety of the horse—the body and mind in unison.


Owner, Head Trainer & Creator of The Balance Through Movement Method™ and Lazaris Nerve Release Technique™

Celeste Lazaris is a biomechanical lameness specialist, skilled in equine movement and muscle development, and a pioneer for developing the physical body to protect the nervous system.

Her primary focuses are releasing suspected nerve compressions in the horse that cause restrictions and undiagnosed lameness, and teaching owners how to develop their horse's body both in-hand and under saddle, utilizing proper activation to prevent musculoskeletal injury and nerve related problems.

Her work is truly revolutionary for equine performance, lameness prevention and helping the horse-human dynamic.

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Located in Southern Oregon, our facility is conveniently located along the I-5 corridor and minutes away from the Rogue Valley International Airport.

Large irrigated pastures allow our horses ample turnout, and our spacious covered arena provide opportunities for riding and events year round.


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